"Sweet!  We're Making Great Progress!"

Happy Valentine's Day!

This vintage valentine looks like one that we would have handed out back in our elementary school days!

I remember a big box of assorted mini valentines on the dining table the night before and my sisters and I writing our classmates names on the envelopes and signing the card.  The next day, somebody's mom would show up to the classroom with cup cakes for everyone and then we'd all exchange cards.  How sweet it all was!

Also sweet is the progress we've been making in rebuilding our class database!  

Do you remember how big our class was?  We have 362 classmates on our list.  

When we started this project, we had a list of just 46 classmates and their email addresses.  Thanks to the exceptional help from the Class of 1971 Reunion Committee, we have made great progress in the past month locating another 123 classmates and we are working on leads for another 89!  

Sue Kropat Ferrill ('71), an amateur genealogist (lucky for us), has the gargantuan task of combing the internet for leads for the rest of us to hunt down.  We are reaching out by email, phone and postage mail where all we have is a possible address.  

IN THE MEANTIME, please let us know who you know and can put us in touch with and maybe we can save time with these 89 that we're still looking for!   Thanks for help this past month to Kay Burns, Jackie Vero, Bob Vroom, Karin Pepe, Al DeRocher, Todd Burt, Nancy Roman, Debbie Felten and Rene Resta for help locating classmates. 

We can always use more help!  Any tidbit you can provide, including siblings, last know locations or even if you have reached someone and they are not interesting in attending.  At least we can stop looking for them.

Information Please!

If you are receiving this newsletter and have not yet provided your current phone and address, please send that via email or just fill out the Contact form on our website.

This would be a huge help and save your Reunion Committee a lot of time and effort making calls and emails to obtain it!

ALSO - We are still taking suggestions for the reunion!

New Facebook Page!
Visit our brand new, better late than never, Commack South Class of 1970 facebook page.  I'll be inviting anyone I can find to join but you can go there directly with this link;   


The last thing we want to say is that all your information is being held confidentially by the Reunion Committee.  Our very first piece of business was to establish that requests from one classmate to be put in touch with another classmate will be the sole responsibility of the Committee Chairs.  We (Jamie or Ann Marie) will not release any information without first obtaining the sought after classmates permission. 

Look forward to hearing from you!

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