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Happy Spring!

I promised an update and I had hoped to bring you information sooner, along with a monthly email, but March and April just flew by me and I missed out on newsletters for all those milestones; Spring Ahead, St. Paddy's Day, First Day of Spring, April Fools, Passover and Easter!  Now I'll just wish you all "Happy Spring!"

Still Hard At It!
Our most current classmate information shapes up like this:
  • Located Classmates - 126
  • Deceased Classmates - 58
  • Still Searching (some info) - 83
  • M.I.A. - 62
Thanks to the efforts of your Reunion Committee members for 1970 & 1971, we have made outstanding progress locating a full third of our classmates!

It's a lot of work.  A lot of cold calls, cold emails and cold snail mails but what can you expect when we skipped staying in touch for twenty years!  We'll keep at it and we welcome your support!
Here follows the list of Classmates that we can find no information at all!

They have been super successful staying off the grid!  Maybe they worked hard at it or maybe they just managed to avoid having to deal with the 90's revolution of personal computers and skated to retirement without ever having to deal with the internet!    Whatever the case may be, we are still trying to reach out and let them know where we are and about our reunion, so please reach out to us if you have a lead!
 CherylAngell - Warren
 CarolynBurke - DeCesare
 Candy (Eileen)Hammer
 LindaManfredi - Mauro
Stay In Touch!
If you are receiving this newsletter and have not yet provided your current phone and address, please send that via email or just fill out the Contact form on our website. 

Email us directly;

Our Facebook Page!

Up Next - Reunion locations 

We have started looking for locations so this is your last chance to get involved and make a suggestion.  We have some great ideas and are gathering our options together to discuss for our next meeting in June.  Speak now or forever hold your peace! 

Till next time...

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